Hello Guys, actually now a days there is big confusion for selecting the phone selecting the phone and also same model have differ variant. I also facing the same problem while selecting the best model in my budget with all kind of features are avail like the flagship cell phone. Suddenly I focus on the OnePlus brand and it is manufacture all kind of flagship series according to the appropriate trend and generation.

One of the best phone now a days is the OnePlus 7 from the OnePlus Brand. I know you have a major question that what is the OnePlus? But it is the Best sellers now a days. The brand have started the journey form the OnePlus One Model. And that phone have the Snapdragon 801 in 2014. At that time the price from the other seller have same the same chipset with the double price from the OnePlus. Now a days the OnePlus launch the OnePlus 7 mobile phone which have two variant like 128GB+ 6GB and 256GB+8GB. So at the lowest budget we get the flagship phones by this brand.

I personally feel that the best phone in budget is OnePlus 7 with the current snapdragon 855and with the power of 6gb ram or 8gb ram you will get the best performance for gaming, work anywhere and smooth and easy OS same as the Google Phones. Basic and Main feature of this phone is like below

  • Latest android 9.0 with Oxygen OS 9.5.8 and you will get the smoothest and fastest OS ever seen.
  • Dual Camera with 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor gives you the best quality photos such as you are a photographer.
  • Best charging option that ever seen before dash charger is world’s fastest charger without any heating.

OnePlus 7 Variants are avail here with discounted price and additional 5% on all purchases from this site.